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Leadership is Female Podcast

"Lisette Carnet is a powerhouse helping trail blaze for Latinas in baseball as one of the few women agents in the MLB. She has over 30 years of experience leading negotiations on behalf of business entities and executing strategic campaigns in a variety of industries including real estate, law, retail, non-profits, and baseball. This background significantly shaped her expertise in post-career planning for athletes.

She began her career in baseball as the Executive Director of Yasiel Puig’s Wild Horse Children’s Foundation and was later promoted to Director of Global Brand Partnerships.

Lisette Carnet now heads the Latin Division of Luba Sports, where she continues to be “the driving force behind the Wild Horse”, Yasiel Puig. She was instrumental in the negotiations with Mexico for Yasiel, helping Luba Sports secure the largest ever single-season contract in the Mexican League for Puig."

Listen to her episode of Emily Jaenson's "Leadership is Female" Podcast here:


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