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MLB Agent, Lisette Carnet Launches Leona Sports with Acquisition of R&I Total Sports

MLBPA Certified Agent Lisette Carnet announced today she has launched Leona Sports with the acquisition of R&I Total Sports. The acquisition comes with R&I’s veteran agent Carlos Perez, who is one of the top recruiters of Latino talent in the United States.

With this acquisition Leona Sports will represent 16 professional baseball players. Carnet intends to expand the agency and its roster in pursuit of her vision to give more Latino MLB players a voice and a platform to grow their visibility.

“Thirty-two percent of MLB players are Latino. Despite being almost one-third of Major League Baseball, I have seen firsthand how they struggle to find their voice. Leona Sports plans to change that,” said Carnet.

Carnet is the first female Cuban-American agent certified to negotiate an MLB contract. She is the agent to veteran star Yasiel Puig, who is an MLB free agent.


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