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Lisette Carnet Promoted to Director of Global Brands and Programs of Yasiel Puig, LLC

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (January 8, 2020) — Major League Baseball player, Yasiel Puig, has announced the promotion of Lisette Carnet to Director of Global Brands and Programs for Yasiel Puig, LLC. In addition to retaining her role as Executive Director of The Wild Horse Children’s Foundation, Carnet will now spearhead the global strategy for both Puig’s non-profit and business ventures.

In her new role, Carnet will lead partnerships with international brands, non-profit organizations, government agencies and industry associations, while continuing to oversee the operation of Wild Horse Children’s Foundation.

Carnet has worked with Yasiel Puig since 2017 and has been instrumental in building his philanthropic portfolio through his Wild Horse Children’s Foundation, which aims to inspire children and families in underserved communities by promoting healthier and better quality lives through education, sports, community development, and health and wellness programs. Due in large part to Carnet’s vision and efforts, the Wild Horse Children’s Foundation has formidably impacted communities across the United States and internationally.


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